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Originally Web Design

After the modernization of the hotel it was high time accordingly adapt the website. Important to the hoteliers was also the over 100-year history of the hotel to be included into the design.

Even elements of the ancient town of Wertheim and excursions and information should be readily available.


The design should be clear, simple and not cluttered. We reduced the colors on a dark charcoal and light blue. Thus, the background images come to their best advantage and show casually the region and its benefits.

The website has been interactive and the users can turn on and off individual elements, images can be displayed in full size or can plan their trip.

Designer: Vito Fanelli
Costumer: Kai Schnurpfeil
Our Work
Material optimisation
Post Production
Graphic Design
Post Production
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  2. Castle of Wertheim
The finish Web Design
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