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Handwerkskammer Magazin |Graphic Design

Printing was done in the format Din-long stapled in the total circulation of 20,000 copies

Castle of Wertheim | Cinema Clip

Our task was to process and optimize the images on canvas size (132 square meters).

Burg Wertheim |Logo Design

Logo design & conception

Burg Wertheim Magazin|Graphic Design

To versatile the range of Wertheim Castle we were asked to create a catalog listing.

Hotel Bronnbacher Hof |Logo Design

Logo Design and conception

Piccobello |Webdesign

piccobello is a renomated company for professional car cleaning. Our conception was a clear and masculin design. Cool colors in blue and neon and straight lines.

Balance |Logo Design

Logo design & conception

Hotel Bronnbacher Hof |Webdesign

After the modernization of the hotel it was high time accordingly adapt the website. Important to the hoteliers was also the over 100-year history of the hotel to be included into the design.
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